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What is a Formulary?

A formulary is drug list that helps determine your copayment for prescription drugs. In most cases you will pay less for drugs that are on your formulary. Formularies are developed by doctors and pharmacists to help you get the highest standard of quality and the greatest potential value from your prescription drug benefit.

Does My Formulary Determine What Drugs My Doctor Can Prescribe?

No, your doctor always determines which drug to prescribe, the formulary simply tells you how much you will pay for each medication that is covered by your plan. If the drug your doctor prescribes is not covered, your doctor may be able to work with your plan to find another drug or get an exception for coverage of the original.

How Do I Determine My Formulary?

If you have a prescription drug benefitmanaged by Express Scripts, you can view and print your formulary by logging into If you don’t already have an account, you can create an account today.

If you DO NOT HAVE prescription drug benefit managed by Express Scripts plan, you should check with your plan to get a copy of your formulary.



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