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Patient Services

Accredo helps ensure your patients receive all the training and support they need to administer their medications and stick to the prescribed therapy plan.

Personal Service
Specialty patients have the support of a skilled team of experts behind them. Patients will receive the best disease-specific education from nurses and pharmacists who will advise them on their treatment protocols, and answer any questions or concerns they may have about their therapy.

In addition to the materials patients receive in their welcome packet and medication shipment, our specialty pharmacy services also provide comprehensive online resources. Here patients will find information on specialty care programs, descriptions of conditions and treatments and lists of condition-specific resources.

Clinical Excellence
We put quality and patient care first, helping you extend patient services beyond the office visit. Our clinical specialists (pharmacists, nurses and provider service advocates) will work with you and your staff to coordinate each patient’s individualized care. We have a proven history of improving patient compliance and outcomes.

In order to ensure your patients have access to the medications they need, we have a team of reimbursement specialists who are trained in securing coverage and ensuring claims are completed and filed on time. We also help patients maximize their coverage while minimizing the out-of-pocket expenses by offering benefit analysis services.


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